Chemberli LaChaille is the founder of ESBN and owner and creative director of Chemberli LaChaille Photography & FILMS.

Entrepreneur Showcase | Boss Network evolved as I sought encouragement in my own entrepreneurial pursuits as a photographer & filmmaker. I was facing the very common challenge of gaining exposure to get customers. Not sure of the best way to go about it, I set out to tell the stories of other entrepreneurs. It was important for me to give them what I was needing - a platform to showcase their business & support to continue living out their dreams.


Entrepreneur Showcase | Boss Network offers creative filmmaking to help entrepreneurs share their unique stories. These videos are a great tool for entrepreneurs to build their brand and market their products/services. Additionally, videos are featured on ESBN platforms (including website & social media pages) to help increase exposure. Understanding the financial limitations that many start-ups & small businesses face, I formulated my services to put quality marketing within reach.

I believe when we follow our hearts, we can achieve incredible things & the world is made better because of it. This is why I want to share the incredible stories of people who are choosing to live out their dreams. This labor of love continues to be an inspiration to me & it is my hope that it will be for many others as well!




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